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    Private DetectiveSK is a Leading Private Investigator with a 23-year old history licensed by the Singapore Police Force and supported by strong networks of more than 3000 Professional Members in over 68 Countries.

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    Our Private Detectives in Singapore are equipped with specialized investigation skills and surveillance technology to gather evidence quickly and stealthily from marital affairs to corporate fraud.

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    From 300 only a final 200 worthy invitees will be chosen to be a part of the prestigious and inaugural edition of Outstanding Organisation Class of 2011 In South East Asia.

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SK Investigation Services is a private investigators agency located on 511 Guillemard Road #01-31, GrandLink Square, Singapore. We are licenced to provide private investigation services and we have been in operation since 1988; maintaining a high quality of services all through since inception of SK Investigation Services twenty four years ago. We serve both individual, group and corporate clients and we tailor make our investigation package according to a client’s specific needs.

SK Investigation Services is managed by Mr. Lawrence Koh, who has over two decades experience in both field and desk investigation and above all in a certified Member of the Council of International Investigator (CII-USA), World Association of Detectives, Inc.(WAD-UK).

We are a dedicated team of private detectives who strive to be the best and give the best. We update our professional knowledge by continuously upgrading our skill sets through mentorship, short certification courses, workshops, seminars among other methods so that we provide the best service to our esteemed clients. Quality service, both locally and overseas, is what has made us win an award as the best of the top 200 Outstanding Organization in South East Asia.

Services Provided

Our private investigators detectives service:

Marital and Infidelity Investigation: If you suspect your significant other of cheating or you need to do a pre-marital background check before you say “˜I DO’, Our Singapore detectives are here to help.

Background Checks: If you need a private eye to do a little digging on someone before you employ them or you think your neighbor cannot be trusted or for whatever reason you need to know about someone’s past, then we are there to provide our professional investigation services.

Due Diligence: This is a service that most of our corporate clients who want to partake in mergers and acquisitions as well as individuals who have a keen interest in investments require. It is better the devil you know than the angel you do not know. We are here to help you know and understand your potential business partners.

Digital Forensics: Due to advancement in technology and the modern world we live in today, most information is stored on digital devices like flash disks, external hard disk drives, computers among others. The probability of getting useful information from digital devices is quite high and wiping clean your digital device does not wipe away all the data that was stored therein. Data recovery; computer forensics, phone tracking are some of the services that can be provided under digital forensics.

Litigation Support: We are well equipped and have a vast of knowledge that can help any advocate conduct his or her civil or criminal case to fruition. We help you before, during and after the case so as you can benefit from the great wealth of our services.

Process Server Services: This is a process that requires one to follow laid out procedures and some people can be very crafty and slip away when they know they are about to be served or summoned to court. Some even go into hiding to avoid being served. Some individuals are dangerous and can inflict bodily harm. We provide this service so as to ensure that everyone involved is safe and sound.

Other Services: We provide a wide range of services that have not been mentioned above like hidden asset tracing, locating missing persons, mystery shopper, Custody cases to mention but a few. You can use our contact page to make your enquiries about any service that you may require or even come visit us in our offices. The first consultative meeting is always free of charge! Or you may also click here: services.

SK Investigation Services Blog

We have gone a step further and Mr. Lawrence Koh has initiated a blog where he shares his knowledge about private investigation services, private detectives, qualifications and skills to become a private eye, how Singapore private investigators go about their business as well as sharing some insights here and there about investigation sg as well as some interesting tit bits about private investigation. He also takes time to address some of the questions and concerns people have by writing detailed blog articles on them. Feel free to visit blog/ and learn more about private investigators and the work we do.

Code of Conduct

We accord each investigation the privacy it deserves and we do not divulge any client information to any third party unless compelled by the rule of law. We have a professional and ethical code of conduct that each member of our investigation team adheres to and we never acquire any investigative information through illegal means. We also ensure that all information presented to the client is valid and truthful and can be ascertained and hold water in a court of law. Integrity, honesty and professionalism are our guiding principles.


Our Singapore private investigators / detectives are equipped with hi-tech tools and equipment we use are top of the range and we strive to keep abreast with the technological advances. Some of the investigative equipment we use is: GPS trackers, cameras, video recorders, polygraphs, lie detectors, digital cameras that can be used at night as well as audio-visual devices that can zoom and record in a distance spanning 8kms (i.e. 5 miles).

Contact Us

If you have any further queries about SK Investigation, our certifications, services, professional qualification or any other queries that you need addressed, you may contact us on:

511 Guillemard Road #01-31
GrandLink Square, Singapore 399849
Tel : ( 65) 64404683 Fax: (65) 68411334
Email: enquiry@sk.com.sg

Or you can visit our contact us page and fill out the enquiry form that will be sent directly to us.

We also have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) page that you can check out via faqs to learn more and expand your knowledge.